Jock Girls


Tailgaters looking fly at a Tulane University Game. Photo used with permission from flickr user Tulane Public Relations.

I have read many a fashion magazine in my life, and while I prefer the ones that are well written and informative, I have happened upon some fluff pieces. One of the things that irritates me is when they just assume that chicks aren’t into sports. My home town is one of the sportiest of the sporty, and there are a lot of girls here who are not only into sports, they know stats better than their boyfriends.

For many years, it was impossible to find cute gear in which to support your team. I had to resort to buying boys Avalanche tees in the kids department. I had intended to cut and bedazzle them into cuteness, but alas, I just got side tracked.

Recently, manufacturers have begun to catch on to the fact that girls can like sports too, and they’ve started making all kinds of adorable tailgating gear. From Victoria’s Secret PINK NFL, MLB and Collegiate Collections (which my friend Hilda describes as, “cleat chaser” uniforms) to adorable gear from 5th & Ocean and Reebok, we now have a plethora of merchandise.

I for one am elated that I can rock all of my favorite team gear without drowning in a sweatshirt or cutting and bedazzling a boys tee. And girls, if you are sports fans, wear it with pride. Don’t be afraid to wax poetic about Colin Kaepernick and his rushing yard record or to bash the Patriots, because who doesn’t want to bash the Patriots? Go out there and let your jock flag fly. Just tell your boyfriend not to get too mad when you hurl your beer at the flat screen when Philip Rivers can’t complete a pass.