Looking hot when the pollen attacks

Spring is the second best season of the year. The color returns, skits get shorter and jackets become optional. But spring is also the time in which trees routinely attack my nose. Every spring, those suckers bud and open bringing green back to the landscape, along with water in my eyes and red in my nose. Not to mention the oh so sexy sneezes.

Facial tissue is not the best accessory when rocking spring looks, but sometimes, you have to roll with the punches. Thankfully, there are a few things to keep in the makeup bag that help me (and you) look fabulous when the flowers are getting their revenge.

1. Primer: A good primer provides a barrier between your skin and your makeup, and can reduce the appearance of pores. It also gives your makeup extra staying power. Choosing a primer with a greenish tint can help even out the redness that overtakes your face in allergy season.

2. Concealer/Bronzer: When your sinuses are swollen and your eyes are itchy and watery, makeup can be an exercise in futility. So one of the best ways to deal with this is to skip it all together. In fact, minimalist makeup is on trend this spring, so you’ll fit right in. Simply choose a good concealer to even out redness and finish with a simple bronzer to create a healthy glow. Then add some mascara, and you’re good to go.

3. Eye Mask: Gel eye masks that you can stick in the freezer are a necessity this time of year. When your eyes are watering constantly, these soothing magic goggles can help soothe your sinuses and relieve swollen eyes. Just relax with the eye mask for 20 minutes, and you’ll instantly feel refreshed. Be sure to let the reddish aftermath die down before going about your day.

4. Allergy Medicine: This should be obvious, but like many people, I usually forget to pop my daily allergy pill until I’m sitting outside sneezing my brains out. Keep some allergy pills in your purse, so you can take them when the rogue lily makes you feel like tiny people are blowing up balloons in your sinus cavities.

5. Water: Being dehydrated comes with a host of beauty related side effects, and drinking more H2O can also help reduce your allergy symptoms. One of the benefits of being properly hydrated is that it helps your body reduce inflammation, which is one of the primary causes of allergy related puffiness. In fact, drinking water is one of the cheapest and easiest beauty treatments you can do for yourself all year. Keep a water bottle in your bag and fuel up throughout the day.

Nasty histamines don’t have to mess with your beauty routine. They can even inspire you to go with a more natural look, which is on trend for spring. So get out there and smell those roses. But take your Claritin first.


Spring on the Cheap

Spring on the Cheap

Except for the earrings…

Wallis ponte jacket

Ankle bootie

Gucci earrings