Summer fashion kicks off with the Derby

The calendar may say that summer begins on June 21, but fashionistas know that the summer kicks off the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. This fine tradition draws people from all over the country to Churchill Downs to watch the most well-known horse race of the season. A few years ago, the Derby was the American answer to the Royal Wedding in a crazy hat face off (which was easily won by the Brits).

Kentucky Derby

Used with permission from flickr user Brood_wich Creative Commons for Flickr.

This year’s Derby, along with the host of Derby themed parties around the country, offered an occasion at which to debut new summer ensembles. While more daring trends like mesh and iridescence were not present at this more conservative event, others were on full display. Many ladies showed up in full skirts, which is a coming trend. Derby goers were also decked in bright colors, namely pink and red which are back in a major way this season.

Of course there was no shortage of giant hats, which is a summer staple (they’re perfect for keeping harmful UV rays off your face, so make it cute. You’ll need it all summer). Another trend that was well represented was black and white – which is back this summer.

If you missed out on the crazy head gear and mint juleps, never fear! Memorial Day is still 3 weeks away, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to show off your new summer threads.


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