Midi skirts: Summer skirts for the vertically challenged

PTR 8I like to call myself short. Although at 5’4″, I am not technically short, I seem to have found my way into a crowd of amazons and super models. I have also been to a lot of concerts at which I couldn’t see over the Sasquatch standing in front of me. So I consider myself to be short.

However, I absolutely love maxi skirts and maxi dresses. Although I have found that whenever I try them on, they swallow me whole and I end up walking on them. This summer, midi skirts are popping up everywhere. For those of us who walk on our pants, skirts and dresses, midi skirts are a good option, because they are long enough to be classy, and short enough not to cut our legs and make us look shorter.

Whether you choose a pencil skirt or a style with more flare, the midi is a comfortable yet office appropriate alternative to shorts or cropped pants. My favorite midi skirt came from The Gap. It’s a rayon/spandex blend that feels like yoga pants, so this skirt allows me to be a lazy slob without looking like one. I live in it over the summer. (Gap doesn’t sell it anymore, so this summer may call for a replacement, but I digress.)

For my not quite short, not quite average fashion girls out there, a midi skirt is a must-add to your spring/summer wardrobe. Check out the selection at ASOS, and boohoo, or find one at your favorite store.



One thought on “Midi skirts: Summer skirts for the vertically challenged

  1. Great post!! I love skirts too – my favorite is the scuba skirt, inspired by Alexander McQueen 😀

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