All dressed up in a denim town

??????????To anyone who’s never been here, Denver is a pretty laid back town. This is the kind of place in which you go to the theater, and some of the patrons are wearing jeans. Not the dark, dressy ones either. Forgive me for sounding like Grandpa Simpson for a second, but when I was little, such fashion faux pas were not acceptable.

I grew up with a grandmother who had impeccable style. In old photos, my grandmother is smiling with her bowling league buds wearing a wool a-line skirt, a scarf, and pearls. It pains me to see people attending an evening musical in distressed denim. To me, fashion is all about personal expression, but it’s also meant to be beautiful. When I sit at home in my plaid pjs watching red carpet footage, I long for an occasion at which to wear an evening gown.

Such is the conundrum of living in such a casual, outdoorsy city. Yes, we do have blacktie events here, but I feel like they are more reserved for charity events. I want to live in a world where people put as much time and effort into going out to a high end restaurant as they do their weddings. I feel like people don’t take time to shine as much as they should.

When I don a cocktail dress and a pair of killer heels, I often feel over dressed. I’m not saying that we need to turn our city into Gossip Girl (although that would be fantastic for me), or that every business person in the city needs an Armani suit. I’m just saying that if you’re going out for a special occasion, please comb your hair, and leave the jeans in the closet for crying out loud.


One thought on “All dressed up in a denim town

  1. Great post!! I love in New York, but even there some people dress like complete slobs! 😦

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