Crown Brush HD Set: Review

Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezers

Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezers

Sponsored Post: I recently received the Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezers from iFabbo. I’ve had a chance to try them out, and here is my verdict – this brush set is definitely worth it for people who are just starting their makeup kit or anyone who wants to upgrade their brushes.

The set comes with six brushes and a set of tweezers in a small, portable case – which is perfect for anyone who travels a lot. All of the brushes you need for a full face are included in the set, so you can take it everywhere.

Available in 3 colors, this set adds a pop of color and variety to your morning makeup routine, and the brushes are super soft. It’s like applying your makeup with fluffy clouds, while achieving an evenly blended look. While the eye brushes are also soft and fluffy, they are stiff enough to allow for precision color application.

My favorite brush in the set is the Pro Powder brush. It’s big enough to blend quickly, which is great for me, because I hate waking up early. It’s also soft and doesn’t scratch my skin – which has a tendency to reject synthetic brushes. This brush is synthetic and vegan, so animal loving makeup junkies will love it as well.

This set is a great starter kit, since it includes necessary brushes for any makeup look. It’s also perfect for avid travelers, since it’s small and readily organized. Stick it in your gym bag so you can beautify yourself after your morning workout, or keep it in your carry on. For the makeup gurus on your Christmas list, this is an item that is well worth considering.


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