Style Star of the Month: Shay Mitchell


Photo Credit: David Gabber / PR Photos

Since fall TV has officially begun, I’ve decided to start turning the spotlight on some of my favorite trendsetters. After all, starlets have replaced supermodels as the ones from whom we take our inspiration, and the latest crop of rising stars is looking pretty dapper.

This month, the focus is on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star and former model Shay Mitchell. In addition to exotic good looks and the perfect fashion figure, Shay also has a great sense of style. She has been quoted as saying that Sophia Loren inspires her because she is always tastefully sexy.

Shay manages to pull off this look as well. Appearing on red carpets, she manages to dress in a fashion forward manner looking sexy and sophisticated, yet always age-appropriate. A style role model to young women, she even has a tumblr and a Pinterest page in which fans can take style cues from her.

One admirable thing that Shay does is supports local designers. She is an avid follower of emerging talent, and does what she can to give these designers visibility. However, she also sports designers like Giorgio Armani and digs looks by Jason Wu, Elie Saab and Alexander Wang, among others. With a knowledge of fashion and a sophisticated palette, Shay is always well put together while managing to look young and carefree. She never tries too hard and always stays true to herself. For this, I salute Shay Mitchell as September’s Style Star.


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