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Style Star of the Month: Shay Mitchell


Photo Credit: David Gabber / PR Photos

Since fall TV has officially begun, I’ve decided to start turning the spotlight on some of my favorite trendsetters. After all, starlets have replaced supermodels as the ones from whom we take our inspiration, and the latest crop of rising stars is looking pretty dapper.

This month, the focus is on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star and former model Shay Mitchell. In addition to exotic good looks and the perfect fashion figure, Shay also has a great sense of style. She has been quoted as saying that Sophia Loren inspires her because she is always tastefully sexy.

Shay manages to pull off this look as well. Appearing on red carpets, she manages to dress in a fashion forward manner looking sexy and sophisticated, yet always age-appropriate. A style role model to young women, she even has a tumblr and a Pinterest page in which fans can take style cues from her.

One admirable thing that Shay does is supports local designers. She is an avid follower of emerging talent, and does what she can to give these designers visibility. However, she also sports designers like Giorgio Armani and digs looks by Jason Wu, Elie Saab and Alexander Wang, among others. With a knowledge of fashion and a sophisticated palette, Shay is always well put together while managing to look young and carefree. She never tries too hard and always stays true to herself. For this, I salute Shay Mitchell as September’s Style Star.

Fall TV: Who’s My New Inspiration?

Blake Lively

Image Credit: Janet Mayer / PRPhotos.com

When Gossip Girl went off the air last year, my television wardrobe inspirations were taken off the air with it. I know that there are several stylish ladies on TV, but it’s just not the same as ogling the outfits Serena and Blair were rocking on the Upper East Side. Although the show made its debut in 2007, I still turn to Season One for outfit inspirations, on occasion.

Now that it’s September, there is a new crop of shows starting, so it has me wondering which one will become my new fashion inspiration. Sure, there are CW staples like The Vampire Diaries and Hart of Dixie, but the thing I liked about GG was that fashion was as much a character in the show as S and B.

Now that I’ve finished mourning the loss of my favorite fashion girls in December, it’s time to start looking for suitable replacements whom I can steal (*ahem*) be inspired by. Here are some of the nominees.

Cece from New Girl: Sure, lots of hipsters and quirky girls salivate over what Jess wears on the reg. However, my style is more like Cece. I love her cool, mod style that includes lots of sleek lines and body con clothing. In this week’s episode, she wears a cute, color blocked tank from Trouve.

The Cast of Devious Maids: This little guilty pleasure crept up on me over the summer. The maids and the employers all manage to look amazing. Looks from Free People, Haute Hippie and Joie have made their way into this show. It’s a little over dramatic and sorta cheesy, but it’s all in good fun.

Camilla from Dads: Vanessa Minnillo plays Giovanni Ribisi’s adorable wife in this new Fox show. Although I’ve only seen the pilot, I totally dug her William Sonoma apron. She also wears clothes that are stylish and sexy, but age appropriate. Since V and I are around the same age, I think that she’s a good style role model for me.

The Cast of Revenge: Set in the uber posh world of The Hamptons, Revenge is probably the best substitute wardrobe for Gossip Girl. This show has it all — from the stylish older socialite (played by Madeleine Stowe) to younger fashionistas. Featuring looks from designers like Michael Kors, Helmut Lang, Stella McCartney and more, this show features some seriously slobber-worthy styling.

Who are your tv faves? Let me know in the comments.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

L.K.Bennett ankle booties


Yellow ring

Wallis necklace

Workout gear

Workout gear

Workout Gear

Workout Gear

Wants vs. Needs

Blair Waldorf once said, “If you’ll excuse me, I need to go kill myself. Or max out my credit card. Whichever comes first.” Those of us who are into fashion can definitely relate. The past month of my life has been spent coveting new suede boots and then chiding myself, because I know that the money can be spent in more useful ways (like the new pair of glasses that I really need. Let’s just say that if I get pink eye, I’m screwed…).

I’m not alone in my “Gotta Have It” boat. There are several well-documented cases of people with full-blown shopping addictions (hello, Hoarders anyone?). But most of us don’t fall into that category. We aren’t $120,000 in debt, stealing identities to buy more stuff and stealing from friends and family. All of our bills are paid first, but the problem comes when all of our discretionary income is spent on clothing, when some of it could go into a savings account.

I am the first one to admit that when I’m stressed out, sad or bored, I get the urge to run to the mall and pick up some new Steve Maddens. But that’s not always practical. So how do you deal with this issue? Anyone who uses food as a coping method will tell you that quitting cold turkey doesn’t work. What ends up happening is that you do great for a couple of weeks and then pig out on an entire cake. In our case, we go to the mall and spend $500 in one trip.

If you use shopping to cope with stress, you’ll definitely need to find some new outlets – like the gym, or a journal, or painting or pretty much anything else that calms you down without being self destructive. More importantly, don’t cut yourself off from clothes entirely. Just stay practical. You don’t need 17 new outfits every month. Stick with one or two new pieces, or if you really want to splurge, go to a consignment shop or TJ Maxx and stretch your dollars farther.

Next, take inventory of your closet. If you haven’t worn something in 2 years, get rid of it. If it’s still in good condition, consign it and get some money out of it. If it isn’t donate it to Good Will or recycle it. Once you have more room, determine what you actually need. If you’ve already got 7 pairs of brown suede boots, then they aren’t a “need.” However, if winter is approaching and most of your sweaters are in the “donate” pile, then feel free to get yourself some new ones – after you’ve determined a reasonable shopping budget.


image used with permission from Flickr user jbthescot via Creative Commons for Flickr.

Finally, make sure you track your spending. This may seem like a “duh” moment, but a lot of people who stress shop don’t keep track of how much they spend in a month. Track your spending with an app like “iCash tracker.” Then make a spreadsheet of how much you spend on clothes, makeup or other frivolous items. Once you’ve done this for a few months and you can determine an average number, cut it by 60% and put the rest into savings. Then when you want something really expensive, you can buy it without a credit card.