I Got Friends in Pretty Places

??????????Earlier, I lamented about my troubles with finding a new hairstylist. Having written about fashion and beauty for the past four years, I have had a chance to meet some of the most amazing and talented stylists in the Denver metro area. I love all of them dearly, and I always learn new things from them. Most of my introductions to new products come from these individuals. But I can’t help but feel guilty about not being able to exclusively showcase one place. You see, a lot of my writing work requires me to be in the know about places all over the area. Therefore, I can’t showcase one salon all of the time.¬†

But as I mentioned earlier, my cousin is a hairstylist. I know how much it hurts when they find out that their clients have cheated. When you skulk into the salon doing the walk of shame and begging your stylist to fix a disaster after you’ve strayed, it can be worse than calling your most amazing lover ever and begging him to take you back. After all – people look at your hair every day. Only you live with the knowledge of being marginally satisfied by your current bf.

So what’s a girl to do when her fabulous circle of besties consists of several people who work in different, competing salons? Well, I choose to run, hide and let my ends split until I end up looking like Cameron Diaz in ‘Being John Malkovich.’ Honestly though, I try to spread the word about all of the places I’ve been privileged enough to tour. Each one of them has something unique that makes it the perfect place for somebody. I work like realtor, trying to figure out what my friends are looking for and pointing them to the place that meets their needs and wants.

I will NOT recommend a place with sub-par service, however. Thankfully, my beauty industry buds all work for reputable salons with great service. If you’re new to the area or simply want to try something new, I can recommend one of several stylish salons at which you will end up with a style that you love. The fact that I know people who are employed in them is simply an added bonus.

What is your favorite salon? Comment and let me know!


Steal this Look: Duchess Catherine

The Royal baby is due to appear shortly, so I decided to do a Steal This Look: Maternity post with one of Duchess Catherine’s chic maternity looks.¬†Steal this Look: Duchess Catherine

Polka dot prom dress

Rupert sanderson

ALDO suede handbag

Small Town Fashion

DSCN0126I currently reside in the Denver Metro area, and although our city has come a long way in the past couple of decades, we still aren’t known as a fashion mecca. I mean, people wear jeans to the theater here… JEANS (unacceptable in my book). I grew up in an even smaller town outside of the Metro area, and needless to say, most of my classmates did not appreciate my fashion sense. Well, my girl friends appreciated the 5″ platforms that were so popular in the Spice Girl heyday, but in my senior yearbook, I was cited as “owns the strangest pair of shoes.”

It’s hard to be on the edge of fashion when you are surrounded by people who don’t exactly share your vision. When you’ve wallpapered your bathroom with past Vogue covers, and your role models include Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia and Grace Coddington, it’s easier to fit in in New York, L.A., London or any other fashionable city. Growing up, my fashion sense was pretty hit or miss. Sometimes, I totally rocked the latest styles, but most of the time, I was just cold. Oversized sweat shirts and jackets made up the bulk of my wardrobe. In college, I came into my own and started paying attention to what looked good on me and what I liked. Armed with essentials from Express, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Guess and more, I looked fly in my bedazzled bandana tops and butterfly hair clips (I even tried vinyl pants, which I would NOT recommend if you plan on spending the night dancing to techno music).

Even though my city is stylish enough to provide me access to a lot of fashion, it wasn’t always so. We didn’t even get H&M until 2011… In high school and the early days of college, I relied on catalogs like Delia’s and Victoria’s Secret to keep me outfitted in clothes I liked. What’s a fashion forward girl to do if she lives in a city where the closest place to find clothes is the Retail Rodeo? (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out The Good Girl from 2002.)

These days, the internet makes anything accessible. If you’re a Lucky girl living in a Levi’s world, take advantage of internet shopping. Or better yet, take up sewing and make your own clothes. You can order patterns or make your own. In the 21st century, there are not as many barriers to finding clothing. Big city style is a mere click away. Even small town girls can look like extras from Gossip Girl.