Fashionable Female Seeks Stylist for LTR

Fashion FestWhen it comes to beauty, the rule, “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” applies as much as it does in romantic relationships. When you’ve found a stylist that “gets you,” you need to hold on tightly. I personally have had a total of two stylists in my life.

One was my cousin, whom I lovingly refer to as, “my first stylist,” since she got a round brush stuck in my hair when we were six. My mom had to cut it out. I was traumatized. She then moved on and went to beauty school, where I served as her experimental head. I trust my family fully, and if my cousin needed to turn my hair orange to learn the art of patience, so be it.

Over the next decade, my cousin perfected the art of hair. She is one of the best colorists I’ve seen, and I am not saying that just because she’s related. She can look at a grainy image on a tiny phone screen and come up with the exact same shade. I also liked that she was honest with me about colors and styles that wouldn’t suit me.

After my cousin moved several states away, I threw a temper tantrum, and then started seeing another stylist at her salon. At first I was afraid (I was indeed petrified). However, I soon came to realize that Tajia was also a hair genius. She always cut my hair better than what I’d asked for, and she was excited to work with me, because I am a pretty experimental client. I don’t ask for the same style each time I come in. I am open to suggestions. Alas, Tajia moved away too.

I now find myself looking for another stylist. I have seen a few in the interim, as I have greys that need to be covered (better to grey early than wrinkle early, I always say), but I don’t have a regular yet. I am a little nervous that my patronage will cause my next beloved stylist to leave the state too. I hope not. Because once you’ve found someone who understands how your hair behaves and knows how to create a style that looks amazing, it can feel like you’ll never connect with another stylist on that level again.

However, I am not easily traumatized by bad haircuts. Hair grows back. It’s not like a bad nose job, where your chances of having anything even remotely resembling what you started with are slim to none. There are also a lot of hats, wigs and weaves that can cover a botched cut. Though I will still get anxious with each new chair until I find the perfect one.


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