Pores, pores, pores

On the surface, I appear to have decent skin. Aside from some moles and the occasional bad reaction to beauty products, I’ll admit that I’ve been lucky. Usually, I can slap on some sheer foundation or a light CC cream and head out the door. However, one issue has plagued me since teenhood… I have gigantic pores.

Although the issue is relatively minor, I always thought it made me look like a mutant. I figured that it made my skin oilier, shinier and harder to cover. I bought countless masks, pore strips, facial cleansers and everything else you can think of to try and make them look “normal.” Alas, nothing worked forever.

However, there are things that you can do to help facilitate shrinkage. For one thing, broad spectrum sunblock is a must. If you’re going outside, always apply 30 minutes before you leave. Wear a moisturizer with broad spectrum UV protection. Buy one that comes in a spray bottle so you can reapply without ruining your makeup.

NEVER go to bed without washing your face. Leaving product on overnight allows all of it to seep into your pores, which clogs them and can make them seem bigger. The same rule applies to the gym. While you don’t need to do a full face scrub right there in the locker room, keeping some makeup removing wipes in your gym bag does the trick. It’s best to wash the daily grind off before getting your workout on, but if you MUST sweat with your glam face on, make sure you clean right after your workout. It’s okay if people see you without makeup for the five minutes it takes to walk to the car. Or bring your bag and reapply.

Exfoliate. While your skin can and does turn itself over, it’s good to give nature a helping hand and scrub the dead cells off yourself (eeewwwww). By using a gentle exfoliating cleanser every day and treating with a salicylic acid-based product once a week, you can make sure your best skin is always out. Charcoal masks, clay masks and other clarifying treatments are also good.

Love your face. Cleaning, exfoliating and scrubbing may help minimize the appearance of pores, but if you really want to get rid of your huge pores, it will probably involve some sort of professional procedure. Why spend all of that time and money and risk scarring your face when you can cover it with makeup? Better yet, why not just take yourself at face value? Huge pores aren’t the worst thing in the world. If you Google “celebrities without Photoshop,” you will see that it’s actually quite common. Just take care of your skin and put some blotting papers in your handbag, et voila! Picture perfect every time.

The Sanitas skincare wheel at Oxford Club Spa and Salon.

The Sanitas skincare wheel at Oxford Club Spa and Salon.




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